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We work with our clients to effortlessly store, organise and improve upon their thoughts. Using a combination of human expertise and developing technologies, we enable our clients to think more efficiently, coherently and holistically. And, we free up their time and mental capacity to focus on what truly matters to them.

At the same time, they are building a second brain – both an encyclopedia they can review yourself, and one that resides within the minds of our team. Once we know them, we can do other things quite easily. That might mean checking their intuitions against the latest research. Or it might mean ghost-writing a book. Or a variety of things in between.

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storage and distillation


improvement and expansion


development and direction

You chat with us, record yourself talking about things you know (alone or with colleagues/friends), or send us an array of documents in different formats.

You get an encyclopaedia of your thoughts, which we have distilled and summarised.

You can search semantically (like google), via a visual map as well as by theme or a variety of other intuitive tags. 


We can coach and provide research assistance in the areas in which you are a domain expert, and at the same time develop your thoughts on other things to whatever level you require.

For everything you think about, we can take the time that you don’t have to validate and fact-check them to the standards you want to apply. And our system will highlight the links between. 

You now have access to your thoughts, developed as far as you want to take them, as well as a map of their relationship to each other. What next? Well, here the pathways diverge for our clients.

We could augment your work, for instance by writing materials for you or developing chatbots to answer employee queries as-you. Or we can continue to coach you, honing your mental models as you become your aspirational self.



Get work shops, corportate reports, and speeches designed and written exactly how you would do yourself. 


Let us validate and explore the ideas you don't have the time to think about.


Explore mental models and decision making-processes with our Team. 


Repurpose thematically sorted thoughts into chapters and let us do the additional research for you.




We are a startup with one simple vision: to help people think better. Imagine a second brain, with perfect recall, that works dynamically in the background, storing and shifting through a variety of topics, completely directed by you. After all, it's not about what we think.

At present, we only work with exceptional individuals who are trying to make a positive contribution to the world. People whom we want to support in achieving more than they could without our help. What we do is entirely bespoke, tailored to them and their thoughts. Later, as technology develops to match our aspirations, we will offer a broader range of services.


Dave has an unusual talent for distilling other people’s thoughts in a way that stays true to them – he holds trust absolutely and can talk to anyone about anything. Before he set sail, he was employed as Director of Undergraduate Studies for Global Sustainable Development at Warwick University (UK).

Dave has lived on a sailing catamaran for the past three years with his wife and three boys. He keeps a strict 20-hour working week, maintaining time to think deeply and widely. Mostly though, Dave can be found swimming with his family across crystal clear waters, occasionally resurfacing whenever a fascinating project calls his name.

Big things

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